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Attention: Coaches, Consultants and all service providers

There is one thing that's putting a hole in your bottom line right now (and it's not the coronavirus).

It's causing you to constantly lose desperate customers to your competition and miss repeat business...and that thing is not having a credible & effective website.

While many clueless hopefuls believe a website is just for show, or "flashy marketing", you know better (or you wouldn't be here reading this)

An established digital footprint and platform you actually have control over is now mandatory.

A website can help you

  • position you as an expert & authority and stand out as a professional or company

  • help you compellingly represent your brand, vision and make the correct first impression

  • help you properly capture leads and lead them to the sale!

  • As good as those are you don't just need any website...and definitely not another shinny new cheap template that may look good but doesn't sell

    You need a marketing engine and low-risk mechanism to turn those interested buyers into referring fans and loyal customers

    You need a design that aligns with your sales and marketing goals and puts money in the bank & fridge.

    One that provides your fuel for life without overwhelm and constant stress

    One that properly showcases your skills and vast experience rather than projecting a me-too profile

    Who am I?

    Hi I'm Craige Hardel a mindset & success coach for the lovely island of Saint Lucia.

    The Beverly Hills of The Caribbean.

    What many don't know is that i've been a professional web designer for over 5 years servicing clients around the globe.

    [business mission statement]

    If you're simply lost and just sick of all this confusing tech and time-wasting funnels and just want easy & stress free way out to higher profits and better high paying customers, i'm right here for you

    Whether you simply want a world-class design (that actually produces $) that your competitors will want to copy

    ...or your just want us to do it all for you...copy + design - we've got you covered

    How does our process work?

    Customer Clarity

    We sit down with you over a few meetings and really get to know and understand you and your customers better through our extensive research and our propriety process

    Vivid Prototype

    We then design your website sketch and prototype (graphical version) to gain crystall clarity on exactly how your needs will be met.

    Custom Copy

    We then create your website and infuse the best and customer calling copy into a freshly baked custom design

    Website transfer

    Upon acceptance and satisfaction we will then transfer to the appropriate content management system.

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    Who this is for?

  • If you're serious about serving the world and actually making a living with your products and services

  • Who is this not for?

  • People who price-shop and simply want cheapest design they can get

  • FAQ

    I just simply get a template and do this myself

    do you really think your competition and website you truly admire we simply templated? Design is actually one of the smallest pieces of the puzzle it takes to have customers begging for your attention. You simply don't get that one some marketplace or fancy page builder. That's like expecting a 5 course meal by going to MacDonalds or buying a sports car at Toyata.

    • I don't believe I need a website

    what makes you stand out from the crowd then...when social media traffic becomes hard time consuming and expensive to get...as platforms get more expensive and do their level best to squeeze ad dollars and watch time out of you (make you their sucker). When no one sees your posts and your ads costs simply burn a fat hole in your savings. Finally what's it costing you NOT to have a brand name that's worth reaching to?

    Will I have to play with code or deal with complicated funnels?

    No you won't. We use state of the art platforms that are lean, not bloated and well-coded. We simple handle it all for you

    • This is expensive

    Think of it this way: how much money are you losing out on right to your competition by not having a well-refined process to attract and serve your best customers. Not cheap discount seekers but those who are committed as you are to serving them. Also what does expensive mean to you How much money are you losing out on being subconsciously price shopped and labelled just like everybody else. Being skipped and forever ignored because your products and services aren't clear and no one can find you! Not having your best business card will cause a never-ending recession in your business. It is my mission to help you put a stop to that now!

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